30 Days of Orgasm Fun

I watched with envy last year as many fantastic people embarked on Tabitha Rayne’s challenge for #30DayOrgasmFun: Masturbation For a Mental Health Boost. The idea behind this was to increase awareness of the effects orgasms can have on wellbeing and mental health, and it quickly developed into a journey of discovery and reflection for many. Tabitha has initiated the 30 Days of Orgasm Fun again, with many wishing to take part.

In 2017 I started taking citalopram, and a really difficult side effect was the inability to orgasm during this time. In the past, I had been able to quickly and efficiently reach orgasm through masturbation, and enjoyed orgasms through clitoral and penetrative stimulation with a partner. So when I was unable to do any of this, it really shook me. I became a sex blogger, who couldn’t orgasm and who struggled to get ‘wet’ (something I still struggle with at the moment) and I felt like a failure. It was only recently I’ve been able to return to being able tovorgasm at least four times in a week, and with this in mind I have decided to embark on my own 30 Days of Orgasm Fun.

This is not a challenge. If I have days where I can’t orgasm, I will not have failed. I am treating this as a way to experiment with, record and observe the effects that orgasms have on my body. I want to try with new toys, with no toys, with partners and on my own. How does my orgasm differ if I’ve been messaging some fucking hot filth to someone I want to enact said fucking hot filth? Or does it change if I’m watching or listening to porn? What fantasies will get me off most successfully? Regarding partnered sex, what is my body wanting this month?

Although I won’t be maintaining a public diary, I will note down any thing particularly interesting or poignant in this post as time goes by, and will publish my conclusions at the end of the month.

If you are interested, do follow the conversation on Twitter under the hashtag #30DayOrgasmFun. You can find out more about the 30 Days of Orgasms initiative in Tabitha’s blog post.

Tabitha Rayne is an erotic author and artist, who designed the award winning  vibrator  made by Tabitha also produced the cover art for both Identity: An Eroticon Anthology and Truth: An Eroticon Anthology.


  1. Hi Hannah
    This is exactly what the 30 days is all about. Even if you only take five minutes to just think about your own body and pleasure, it’s a win. I think we can easily forget to do that, especially if medication strips us of libido. I’m so delighted you are taking part – there’s no pressure at to to ‘report back’ , it really is all about you x x x x thank you for helping to raise awareness too x x
    ps, would you mind if I put this on my link list tomorrow?

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