The Shadows Fall Behind You

I wrote this piece on the 4th April, for a Kink of the Week meme which was Doggy Style. I wasn’t sure about it at the time, and this was when I started slowing down my blog efforts and struggling with my voice, style, fit and ultimately confidence. However, I rediscovered it a few days ago, and I like it so much I want to share it. So, my first blog post for a while is obviously about anal sex…

Your hands grip my hips, and fingertips press into my skin; I endure slaps on my arse, which gradually warm and leave a sting.

Spread my arse cheeks and watch. Just look at me whilst you fuck me. Apply some lube and insert a plug inside me as you thrust. I want to know you can feel it through me. I want you to delight in my moan as it settles.

Stop moving. Wait. Hold me in place whilst I moan and wriggle. Then let go of me. I want the air I am breathing to dare me to move, to take what I want. And I want to gleefully move back onto you over and over again.

When it gets too much for you, and you yearn to relinquish my control, push me down. Apply pressure between my shoulder blades, and slowly drag your hand into my hair.

Keep me there. Hide my pretty little face, and mask my involuntary noises as you lose your control.

As you yank my hair upwards and ask me what I want, I know you only expect one response. It is what I always want, but you delight in making me spell it out each and every time whilst you remove the plug.

I want you inside my arse.

I want you to push my whole body down, flat, and bear down upon me with your weight. I want you to start slowly, achingly slowly, and laugh as I jerk onto you further. I want you to call me impatient, and filthy, and desperate.

I want you to move the tangled mess of hair only slightly from my ear, so I can feel your breath. It will quicken as you quicken, and as you realise that I want to take you as deep as you can manage. And I will take it again, and again.

You will whisper all of those things I fucking love in my ear. You will ask me if I want to feel you come. And of course I do. I beg, and I squeal, and you groan as you empty inside me.

Then I want to hear the three words that make me melt.

‘Good Girl. Up.’

And I will return to my knees with my head still buried in the pillow. I will feel the familiar sensation of my wand between my legs, and I will work hard to retain every last drop.


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