Tie Me Up

My little bratty sub inside of me is struggling at the moment. Christmas time has meant an extended time away from my familiar surroundings, with my family, which has meant a lack of opportunity for pink arses, bruised thighs and pulled hair. I’m thinking a lot about relationship dynamics, and how I’ve missed regular opportunity to be a cute, sometimes stubborn, kitten when I’ve been away. Although I’m not currently in an overly structured D/s relationship, I enjoy the experiences when we explore our D/s kinks. We aren’t great at texting, calling, messaging, and at any rate it doesn’t quite give me the twisted, nervous, excited knot in my stomach that I get when we are in person. I wrote a little poem. I hope we can act it out in the new year.

Tie me up with what you have,
just grab what’s close to hand.
Hold my wrists above my head,
even better if it’s not planned.

Tie me up with what you have,
keep me still and wanting more.
Tease me, kiss me, bite my neck,
then turn and walk out of the door.

I’ll squirm, resist and whimper.
I’ll wriggle and I’ll moan.
You’ll leave me waiting, wet and wanting,
Before fucking what you own.

You know me well to know by now,
I delight in pleasing you;
To obey your orders, keep very still,
And, oh, you love it when I do.

Good little girl’ you tell me so,
As you stroke my pink, flushed cheek,
‘You’re mine until I’m done with you-
to have, to use, to keep’


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