“They know.”

This weekend saw my second appearance at Eroticon– a conference for sex bloggers, writers and creatives. To try and defer my con drop and deflated state after having to say goodbye to some rather fabulous people, I decided to write. This piece of flash fiction predictably plays into my desires to be used, humiliated and my complete love for oral sex above other things. 

We aren’t exactly running to time but we aren’t running late either. The glass or two of wine we have consumed are warming our insides nicely, and I hear the hotel door closing behind them as they excitedly make their way downstairs to wait for our taxi. As I rinse my hands in the bathroom sink, I quickly run through the items I must remember to grab before catching them up. At least I know the taxi is six minutes away.

I slip outside the bathroom door and am scouring the room for my phone. As soon as I clock him, I jump. A squeal escapes my surprised mouth, and then a giggle at the thought of being startled by someone I’ve spent most of the day with. Nonetheless, I didn’t realise anyone was still here. Why is someone still here?

He’s not laughing. He’s silent and waiting, and his gaze doesn’t falter. Except for a mere second, when he looks down and smirks before regaining eye contact. What is he thinking? What am I missing? What am I expected to do here?

As if he hears my thoughts, he utters a single word.


Fuck. Everyone is waiting for a taxi which is arriving in six, no five, minutes and he’s walking closer to me. Undoing his trousers with one hand and using the other to push my down by my shoulder, he elaborates his instruction (as if it was needed).

“Get on your knees.”

He never has to ask really, and ask he doesn’t. My body follows the pressure on my shoulder. His hand, once it has finished freeing his hard cock, tangles amongst my hair and I’m encouraged to take it as far as I can. Once. Twice. Three times, and I gag and splutter. His hand, entwined at the nape of my neck, yanks me backwards- leaving a trail of saliva covering the dress I recently changed into. Four minutes now, surely. 

“Don’t worry. They know. They all know I’m going to fuck your desperate mouth before we all get into the taxi. And I’m going to fuck it hard. You better not keep them waiting.”

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    • confessHannah

      Thanks. Not really sure why this sort of scenario hadn’t popped into my head before. I love the idea of humiliation but I’m a little nervous as I haven’t indulged in proper group humiliation, especially amongst those I know. This seemed a good middle ground.

    • confessHannah

      I’m glad it struck a chord! I always liked the idea of people knowing something like that and it not being mentioned for a really long time. Perhaps until the end of the evening as I say my goodbyes!

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