Sinful Sunday: In The Midnight Hour

Few of you will know that there are pieces of my broken heart strewn around the city of Inverness. Today, I endeavoured to collect them all, as the wounds are ready to heal.

In doing so, I grabbed this late night opportunity to take a photo with the castle.

Sinful Sunday


  1. Wow beautiful shot. I’m always in awe of people who can get great shots in public places. I was taking shots in my back yard the other day and the bloke next door decided to do some gardening – on a ladder – near my fence…
    On another note life can be so hard at times can’t it? Good for you picking yourself up and continuing on. But I know it takes time…

  2. KP

    I love this – have been trying to get the balls to do outdoor shots. Nightime is a great idea. I think this works really nicely because, actually, of the lighting – the darkness gives great play with shadows and your curves look sooooooo hot ‘sculpted in shadow’.

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