I love kissing.

I love the handful of electric seconds when you both know exactly what is about to happen, yet at the same time have no idea. Like the static on the surface of a balloon it crackles in the air, and in my stomach. I love the moment when I look into your eyes and realise just how close we are, and how much I want to be closer still. I love that short, brief moment where I can take in every detail of your face, details I had never been able to observe until now.

I love wrapping my hand around your neck, gently at first, stroking a thumb against your cheek. I love the tentative beginning, the pang of excitement at exploring something new, someone new. I love the short kiss to start, the feel of your lips, before we part slightly. I love watching you smile, as I smile in return- a relieved yet anticipatory smile.

I love when you pull me in closer, so that not just our lips are touching but our whole body seems to connect. I love running my hands through your hair as you do. I love the noise, of the kiss itself but everything around it too. I love the noise of our clothes rustling against each other, and the sound of my slight moans in the back of my throat as I get wrapped up in the moment and what might be to come.

I fucking love kissing.



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