Harder Still

You will sit just there and you will be very quiet. You are there to watch and only watch.

He is going to fuck me, harder than you do. He is going to pull my hair, spread my legs and push me down with his hands, unlike you do. He is going to use me, but he is not going to look at you. Neither am I.

You are not there to be acknowledged and you are definitely not there to be involved.

It is not going to be the soft, intimate love making that you instigate. You are going to watch him treat me like a dirty, desperate whore, and you will notice I love every second of it. I love my cunt being stretched by his hard cock, as he plays with my arse and asks me if I like being his filthy little slut.

Of course I fucking do.

The bruises his fingers will cause on the inside of my thighs, the sting his spanks will leave at the base of my arse cheeks and the scratches his nails will leave on the back of my neck- you will tend to these. You will be reminded of the way he satisfied me, filled me, and brought out animalistic moans as he brought me to orgasm again and again; the likes of which you have never heard. You will be reminded of how far he can push his cock down my throat as he fucks it, over and over, and of the delight when I gag and come back up for air.

You will be reminded of the sensation, the smell, the shame, when you watch him fuck my arse and you come all over your lap. The act you never wished to engage in has brought you over the edge, and you will always remember having to sit in your own mess whilst I take his mess all over my face. Mess which you taste, as I saunter over to kiss you.

Later you will wank over my desperate pleas for him to fuck my arse harder still. Pleas you will never hear, because you will never ask for them.

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