Afternoon Fucks are the Best: 10 Reasons Why 

After an awfully early start, I was allowed to leave work slightly earlier today. So, naturally, I’ve just had the most glorious Friday afternoon fuck.
It was organic, unplanned, romantic and hot as fuck. I am now on a train across the country, and am in a post-sex nap haze, lamenting why afternoon fucks are the best.

1. There is nothing better than the amazing feeling of knowing you would usually be at work, but instead you’re fucking. This also extends to masturbation, especially getting home early and trying the new sex toy that was delivered that morning .

2. You have just eaten lunch, and by the time you fuck, nap and collect yourself it’s almost time to eat again. Possibly even drink wine as you cook. And start on the pre dinner snacks.

3. If you fall asleep, you don’t wake up at 1am utterly confused and then irritated that you’ve messed up your sleeping pattern by deciding to fuck for hours in the evening. You could wake up at 7 or 8pm, and you can just eat later and it makes you feel like you’re on holiday (also top excuse for more wine).

4. Morning fucks are also fabulous, but there is always the really faint flicker of resentment that I could still be sleeping for these few moments.

5. You can spend the rest of your evening naked. Except for your post sex glow. You can play video games naked, cook naked (except for a cute apron) and celebrate your joint nakedness.

6. You can spend hours, as I just did, exploring your partner. You can start achingly slowly. You can tease and torment your partner- denying their orgasm for an hour making it all the more explosive when you finally allow it. You can fuck them until they are exhausted, and still have time to watch at least three episodes of that box set you’ve only allowed yourselves to watch when the other is present.

7. There’s a chance your neighbours might be out, as opposed to sleeping in the next room. So being loud is an option (but, phhft, when isn’t it?)

8. You can be spanked until you’re raw, and your partner can relish in watching you actually try and function immediately afterwards.

9. Partner loves it because there is a increased chance of listening to the live sport on the radio that ‘just happens to be on’. (Not applicable to cricket, which lasts an eternity and, depending on time zones, can be on at any time of the day or night…)

10. As you wake up next to your sleeping partner, you can slowly crawl out of bed, make a cup of tea, and sit beside them, stroking their head with one hand and cradling your tea with the other. You’re unsure of what’s creating the warm feeling in your stomach- the tea in your hand, or just how adorable your partner looks when they sleep.


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