A confessional fantasy for International Women’s Day 2017

To celebrate International Woman’s Day, a fellow sex blogger Exhibit A released a call for women to come forward with their fantasies. I submitted the following piece.


Even in the dark we were both close enough to be seen, but far enough away to be missed. He had planned this immaculately.

My thighs started to tremble with the crunch of the gravel underneath the tyres. My dress was still hitched around my waist, with my bare cunt on show. Driving in such a state was difficult, and I was glad he didn’t touch me.

His cock was hard as he silently took it in his hand. He didn’t need to ask what I wanted, or more accurately what he wanted to do to me. I could feel the pool underneath me, and he would see the stain left on the seat as I exited to make my way around the vehicle.

The mess between my legs made it easy to bury his cock inside me. His hands were working the buttons of my dress, one by one, until I was exposed- facing the dark windscreen wondering who was looking back.

I did wonder if I’d let my thoughts slip out, as he reached to the right of my head and turned on the interior light.

‘Now anyone can see you’

The resulting compilation can be found on Exhibit A’s blog here. I am sure you’ll agree they are all hot, for a plethora of reasons, and for me the collection helps to celebrate the diversity in our kinks and fantasies. Some are dark, some are specific, some are so beautifully simple, all are real.

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