Reader Confession: A Magician’s Assistant

I often get readers sending me little snippets of fantasies or experiences for me to read, and very occasionally they ask if I could share these. I was recently contacted by a reader with a very interesting fantasy, and within this a particular crush in mind, asking if I could post it on my blog. I do this for many reasons, to give people an outlet who may not have one, and occasionally to feel more at ease with themselves through sharing and the feedback this prompts. So, I’ve handed over to my anonymous confessor, who would like to tell you a story about a Magician, their assistant, and a very specific trick.

I’m a bisexual 28 year old woman who has a liking for BDSM, but no that’s not my confession.

When I was discovering my own sexuality as a teenager something weird (well strange to me anyway) happened. I found myself developing an unusually erotic interest in watching stage magic shows. You know all of those iconic stunts where magician’s assistants clad in brief sparkling costumes are tied up and then apparently chopped into pieces at the hands of their fiendish but clever magician? The magician who would eventually release them unharmed with all their body parts intact to rapturous applause at the end of the act all in the name of entertainment. Sometimes whilst watching a performance I would fantasise about trading places with the sexy magician’s assistant.  

I have no complete understanding of why this is an arousing sexual turn on for me, although it probably has something to do with my penchant for bondage, a love of being submissive and a voyeuristic pleasure in anything sadomasochistic. But what is the trigger? It is my inherent secret fetish which I won’t divulge even to my closest friends. The sexual fantasy is even stronger if I think about a favourite girl crush being the one that a magician targets; the more dangerous or uncomfortable the magician’s trick is upon his or her assistant the more intense the sexual feeling is for me. I never desire any actual bodily harm and in fact it’s a bigger turn on for me if the mock torture becomes sexually pleasurable for the captive “victim”.

I confess my current fantasy on this theme involves my girl crush which I have for British TV presenter Holly Willoughby. Yes I’d absolutely be fascinated if she got “Sawed in Half” by a magician on her daytime show. But unfortunately it’s not happened (yet!) maybe because it’s not topical? Or not something they are likely to just randomly feature? If anyone else would like to see that then I’m open to suggestions on how we might try and persuade the TV show it’s a good idea?

But to satisfy my own desires, I have to dig into the depths of my mind to dream up a scenario which perhaps is a whole lot darker and certainly more erotic than would ever be allowed to play out in real life with Holly.  

In this fantasy the setting is that of a stage show where Holly is a special guest of a handsome illusionist. She is immaculately made up and fully dressed in a suitably fashionable stylish top, skirt, stockings and heels ensemble.  She is shown around apparatus containing an electric powered huge steel circular saw blade suspended above a table with shackles and straps dangling from its solid surface. The magician announces that he will conduct a bloodless operation miracle, slicing a living woman in half upon this device. Holly is shocked into disbelief to learn she will be the one laying on the table under that terrifying saw!  The magician asks for an audience volunteer to help with the procedure. I jump at the task volunteering to be up close to this performance and am thrilled when I’m chosen to go up and assist, glad that I had chosen to wear my sexiest little black dress for the occasion.

By the time I have been greeted on stage by the magician, Holly has re-composed herself; still clearly concerned, her attempts at finding a way of avoiding  going on the torture device are expertly and assertively turned down. With no option other than to place her trust in the charismatic performer, Holly finally gives in and consents to the challenge the magician has in store for her.  

Sitting upon the table top, Holly is persuaded it will be safer for her wellbeing to remove her top, skirt and heels for the procedure. Her added shock and indignity at being asked to undress is deftly dealt with by the magician his soothing almost hypnotic like voice calms her into submission.

I’m invited to help with Holly’s disrobing.  I struggle to hide my excitement gently peeling off her outer layers of clothing to reveal her sumptuous toned figure adorned in exquisite delicate and exotic lingerie, her sweet smell of expensive perfume heightening my senses.  Next we guide her body down to the table, provocatively lying upon her back in a slightly spread-eagled position.

To avoid any possibility of her backing out now, I assist the magician in systematically strapping her wrists and ankles down to the table with the heavy duty metal shackles. It’s getting me even more aroused seeing Holly’s prone body start to shudder and arch as she tries in vain to resist the substantial restraints. Her immobilisation is completed with two leather straps tightly secured below her breasts and above her hips.  

Holly finding her voice quizzingly asks “Hang on where is the box?”

“Box? what box?!” is the magicians taunting reply.

“You are really worrying me even more now. Surely you know what I mean? The box contains the secret trap to allow me to avoid the saw doesn’t it?”

The magician chuckles “ Oh Holly, no boxes. That’s so last century. I’m a master illusionist, therefore I will saw you in half with this buzzsaw right through your lace corseted waist in full view of the entire audience. So I say to these observers: if you are of weak of heart or of a nervous disposition please do not watch what is about to occur. To the rest of you relax, let me do all the work and enjoy this most sense confounding experience on the stage today”.

Of course Holly is far from relaxed, she is thinking the same as the rest of us: This might not turn out so well for her?

I’m ushered to stand beside the head end of the table to witness the scene and to calm Holly if she becomes distressed.  The magician powers up the huge steel toothed rotating saw blade. She does indeed begin to whimper and tug more violently at her bonds, her eyes filling with terror as the magician ever so slowly begins to lower the torturous rotating saw blade towards her midriff. She pleads with me to help stop the magician from going through with this seemingly diabolical act. The fear is culpable- she really doesn’t want to be sliced into pieces- but I’m no comfort to her at all, as I stand there completely fascinated with her reaction to the unfolding situation.

Tension builds as the noisy huge blade continues its methodical merciless descent towards its sexy flesh and bone target. Expecting nothing but a ghastly death, Holly can do nothing more than lift her head and brace her body ready for the impending trauma. Suddenly she throws her head back emitting the most incredibly erotic, yet strangely hushed, scream from her lips. Over a hundred razor sharp steel saw teeth begin to pierce her abdomen, yet true to the magician’s initial statement there is no blood. In fact there is no unpleasant pain but surprisingly Holly’s sensation is actually more similar to an orgasm. “Fuck…. That feels really good. ”  She utters as her incredible dissection continues in front of me in such surprising hedonistic pleasure.

By now I am so horny and jealous of the saw blade, I want her all for myself! The saw concludes its work upon her and is withdrawn. A pleasantly exhausted Holly catches her breath as her sweet moist lingerie clad body still pulsates from the incredible orgasmic sensations of this death defying feat. She once again shudders in divine pleasure as dividers are inserted into the void in her body created by the saw and the magician pulls her apart into two separate but living and moving halves.

And now it’s my turn to add to her pleasure and satisfy my own desires upon her as the magician invites me to explore her disembodied lower half.  I run a finger up her obviously real long slender nylon clad legs and begin to caress her warm moist panties with a loving touch …. Well I guess you get my drift…

Thankyou to my anonymous reader for taking the time to write this. Part of my ethos behind willingly sharing confessions is to give an outlet to those who have no outlet, or feel they ‘may be the only one’ who feels a certain way- definitely something we may all have felt. Do leave some comments if you feel inclined, I’m sure the author would love to be able to see reactions to their post.  Image (C) Pixabay


  1. Helen

    Magicians wouldn’t be my thing but it picks up upon elements in entertainment which can of course relate to sexual stimulation and fetish. Compliments for the contribution. I enjoyed the read.

  2. Carol Houghton

    Fascinating read thank you. Being from across the pond in the USA I don’t know who your TV hostess Holly is of course?. Its occurred to me that you could perhaps book a magician to perform one of those illusions on Hannah and see if she would write about the experience here? That’s assuming of course Hannah would be willing to oblige in the first place 🙂

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