Your Canvas

I want you to hit me.

I want you to slowly bend me over the back of a chair, peel my dress above my hips and pull down my pants. I want you to expose my pale, untouched arse. I want you to make it your canvas.

I want you to start with a something. Something broad and flat, which makes that delicious thud sound as it makes contact with my skin. I want you to chuckle as I flinch. You know I need to settle into your pace, and settle I do as you continue to warm my skin.

I want you to delight in my breathing. You will hear how I extend my inhales and exhales to calm myself as I take each stroke. I will get quieter as you continue, with only the occasional moan escaping as I drift off.

I want you to realise that I am nearing my limit in this way. You know you will need to soothe me if I am to take more. I want you to walk me to your sofa, and I want you to pull me onto you. I want you to want me to feel your hard cock underneath me, as you stroke your pink masterpiece with your hand.

I want you to hit me again, but this time with your hand. I want to feel your flesh on my flesh. I want you to hit me over and over again, until I’m shaking. I want you to hit me until you are satisfied that I have taken enough.

Then I want you to take me.

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