What Would You Like To Confess?

Would you like to submit a confession to be read (and posted) on cH?

I am incredibly excited to read anything you have been up to, whether a detailed account, a simple paragraph or a sentence of an experience or sexual fantasy. Just fill in the form in this page, and I will get a rather lovely ping from my email inbox.

Rules for Submitting a Confession

As ever, there are some basic rules one must follow to submit a confession.

  • Please ensure you indicate how you would like to be acknowledged if you confession is posted: whether you would like to remain anonymous, initialled or full first name.
  • Although everyone is entitled to their own fantasies, I cannot accept confessions which contain content relating to paedophilia, incest, necrophilia and violence for its own sake. If you are unsure, please do contact me before submitting a confession and I can help to clarify this.
  • If it is a longer confession, or you would like to send this via an attachment, please use the form below to share a brief sentence or two describing the subject of the confession and I can facilitate a file exchange.

Are you ready to confess….?


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All personal information will be kept confidential. Your email address is important in case I would like to get in touch for any follow up.

Thanks, and I’m very much looking forward to reading your latest tales of debauchery, indulgence, filth and fantasy!