The Friend and the Acquaintance

I’m having a lot of feelings at the moment. Yes, some of them involve some wallowing in perfectly justified post break up trashy TV marathon in my bed nest whilst eating my weight in Milkybar. But some of them don’t. Kink for me is a form of escapism. I find being a submissive very calming; I thrive on the clear expectations, boundaries, roles and communication. It calms my worried little brain, and helps me to really experience the present- the here and now- which I may struggle with otherwise. I’ve never been a 24/7 submissive and at my current stage in life, given my experiences so far, I don’t think I ever will be. I’ve had some thoroughly enjoyable relationships which have involved parts of the D/s dynamic though, my latest being the most successful in this, but lately I’ve been thoroughly enjoying fantasies which encompass elements of my submission that are far removed from any romantic relationship- perhaps this is a coping mechanism (and it’s proving to be a very fun one). Specifically lately these have involved two (or more) men thoroughly enjoying me, and I realised I hadn’t written a full MM(+)F piece. This one is inspired by a recent tweet I discovered. So here goes.


The power dynamics are at play before we even remove any clothing. I pour two glasses of red wine, hand them over to both of them in turn, and put the bottle away. I’ve already been told there’ll be no wine for me. Not yet anyway, I have other purposes to fulfil first.

I feel at ease with them. One of them is familiar, a friend, and even just hearing his voice calms me down. The other is less familiar, but watching them bounce off each other makes me realise they are incredibly synchronised. They are witty, funny and I know I’m in safe hands.

“Come here”

There’s that familiar voice I’ve heard before in all manner of scenarios. I’m not paying that much attention to the words themselves however, as I’m so drawn to just watching them. They aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary, simply talking and laughing, but I’ve noticed that one especially, the one I don’t know, is quite expressive with his hands. His wine glass flies through the air as he becomes especially animated. But he doesn’t spill a drop.

“Now, this is hardly going to work if you can’t follow a basic instruction”

The man I’ve only met twice laughs in response, yet it’s different. It’s slightly darker. And I snap out of it, embarrassed and flushed. I’m slightly kicking myself at messing up so early on in the evening, yet also wondering if (or more accurately hoping that) I will feel some repercussions for this later. I sit by the leg of his chair, and he ruffles my hair. A relief washes over me as I know he’s not too upset by my distracted mind, and before I know it I’m blindfolded.

“She likes playing games” I can hear him explain to his friend. “She especially loves a chance to win a game, don’t you?”

I nod, quite enthusiastically, as I hear a zip and some fumbling beside me.

“She also loves sucking cock”

He grabs my head and guides me towards him. He’s already hard. Yes, he’s right- I do love sucking cock, but equally he loves the thought of his cock being sucked.

“It’s especially good with this one, if you tilt her head like this it can be quite fun to see how long she can keep still when her mouth is full”

And that’s all the warning I get. My mouth is now very full indeed. I have a hand on the back of my head, and a hand angling my chin as he fucks my mouth. Over and over until I splutter and gag. He chuckles, slowly draws himself out of my mouth and drags my saliva across my cheek.

“Oh, she’s adorable” says the friend. His hands quickly take the place of the hands that were there before, yet I feel a familiar hand on my upper arm. He’s really very good at introducing me to new things.

This game lasts for a while, until I’m covered in saliva and exhausted. I’ve been told I look messy, and I’ve been told I’ve done very well.

“I think we should fill her somewhere else”
“I think she deserves that. However, I think she’d relish the opportunity to earn it”

I like this guy. I like the way he thinks, and I can hear his grin in his words.
I’m still on my knees as I hear them both coming closer. A cock is pushed to my lips, dragging across the mess on my face. Eagerly, I take it, but it’s taken away all too soon. A handful of seconds pass and it is repeated.

“Who was first?” , the friend asks. Fuck. I didn’t even realise. My friend has burst out laughing. He knows just how many boxes of mine this is ticking. This game is unfair.

“We will give you a few moments to think about it, and then we can try again.”

And that’s exactly what they do. I kneel, anticipating, mouth wide, and one cock after the other enters my mouth. I try and use my tongue, try to gauge the familiar scent of my friend and the not so familiar scent of my new acquaintance, and I even try to use my hand before I’m told to keep my hands away. I give my verdict. I’m not really that certain, but before I get the chance to think about it I’m lifted up and laid across the wooden table. I have two hands on my shoulders, and two holding my thighs open.

“Close enough” they both chuckle as one fucks my throat, as I hand my head off the edge of the table, and one starts to fuck my cunt. It’s wet; I can hear it, and I can smell it.

I’m thoroughly used. My mouth aches, and my cunt aches. I’m turned over onto my knees and I’m left there for a few minutes.

I can hear them commenting. The acquaintance tells his friend that he’s impressed with what I can take, and my friend is explaining that he thinks I can take more. They come over, and I feel my friend’s hand stroking my head.

“I think you can take more. I know it’s there. Do you think you can take more for us?”

I nod. Before I know it he’s spreading lube in my cunt, and in my arse. I squeal, and the anticipation makes my legs shake. I hear the other one topping up his glass, and taking a large sip.

“Good girl”

Before I know it I’m on the floor, and I’m being pushed onto a cock. As I bury my head into his neck, I know this isn’t my friend. He’s holding my weight as he lifts me in the air before fucking me. I hear my friend laugh. Of course he’s going to be the one to fuck me in the arse, and dictated by past experience with him, I’m fucking delighted.

It’s not easy- it’s a little awkward and fumbly. But then it works. I know it works because of the ecstatic groan that erupts not just from me as a result of feeling achingly full, but from both of the men who are now buried deep inside me. And it’s slow, and it’s intense and it’s fucking glorious.

I feel my friend’s hand running up my back, into my hair and he gives it a sharp tug. I bring my head up instinctively.

“I still think you can give us a bit more.”

I moan, at his voice, his words, but I almost chuckle. My brat is going to come out, and I can’t keep it in.

“I can’t exactly do much more, I have your cocks….”

But my sentence is stopped abruptly as my mouth is filled. There’s a cock in my mouth.

But there’s someone below me, and someone behind me.
Oh fuck.


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