Taking the Lead

As my blog begins a new rebuild, here is something I wrote recently after my first salsa social dance. Let’s just say I’m definitely going back!


I watch him as he takes each new partner in turn and moves them effortlessly. There is no hesitation to his leading, a consequence of his ability, confidence and pure enjoyment. They move together, yet really he is moving for her. She is tracing his body for the next sign or hint of a change in direction or pace, as he moves her from one side to the other in a graceful and measured, yet fast and hectic, perfectly timed entanglement of limbs. Their hips mirror the other’s movement, following the rhythm of the infectious music. The fluidity of their movements are compelling and I watch from the sidelines.

My mind wanders to the last time we were in bed together, when he led me through various positions and I eagerly followed. I felt his hands on my waist turning me, and turned to match his wishes. As he entered me from the side, I pushed upwards to take his cock deeper and match his rhythm. He moved me onto my back, and I looked into his eyes as he crossed my ankles around his neck. Thrusts were accentuated with pinches of my nipples, bites on my neck and slaps on my arse.

It’s not long before he leads me to the dance floor and I’m completely lost in his movements. He makes it look so easy, yet I’m trying to keep my feet matching the rhythm as he spins me. I barely move my eyes from his as he decides what he wishes to do next. My heart is quickening. I’m remembering those moments where I have followed his lead in his bedroom, over his kitchen table, in brief snatched seconds in elevators. I’m also dizzy with excitement over following his intention in this moment, awash with the familiarity and the desire to be led.

We collapse into bed together, and I begin to slowly grind back into him, hoping the leading and following will continue into the night. Yet, as he puts his arm around me, I nuzzle into him, taking in his breathing and the sweaty smell akin to his delicious post fuck aroma. I realise all I really want for now is neither to lead or be led: I just want to be.


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