Reader Confession: Feet 

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a reader telling me all about their fetish for submission, especially relating to feet. They decided to tell their story, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

With massive thanks to Hannah for allowing me to contribute to her amazing blog, and also for making me realise that actually having sexual fetishes and desires are completely normal – we all have them and if we were all the same then life would be pretty boring, right?

So when Hannah mentioned contributing I was unsure as, me being shy and reserved, it was not my usual thing to say ‘yeah why not? I will put up a blog online about my fantasies!’ but then I just thought ‘fuck it yeah let’s do it!’ So here it is.

I was around 15, just hitting puberty at school, and as a boy it’s a scary time when you are under pressure to be cool and girls started to become attractive to you. I found something strange happening. Yes, I found their boobs and legs attractive and was naturally attracted to their looks, but I was overwhelmingly attracted to their feet! I could not understand this urge to look at hot girls’ feet, and the summer was the best when they had sandals or flip flops on.

I had two teachers for English while at high school, both mature but beautiful women and I don’t know if they were aware of my foot fetish or not. Both of them loved to sit at their desk during class and dangle their heels off their feet while sitting crossed legged. Well I could not concentrate (which might explain my poor marks in English) but they both wore sheer tights and it used to drive me insane.

I got given detention one Friday after school. Mrs Sherry was getting ready for the weekend away and I could tell my detention was an inconvenience to her as she was packing her homework away and getting stuff locked up. She went into her cupboard and pulled out some trainers. Then slipped her heels off and popped the trainers on. She then grabbed her bags and said she was nipping to the car and left, closing the door behind her. I don’t know what came over me but I shot up and ran to the door to see her disappear down the corridor towards the staff car park. Well that was it, I dived on my knees under desk and picked up her heels. They were both still damp and clammy from her hot stockinged feet and I berried my nose deep inside, inhaling her incredible foot scent. I was literally in ecstasy. The five minutes seemed like two seconds before I heard noise in the corridor and dumped the heels and ran back to my desk before she re-appeared. That moment changed me forever, I realised my life on this planet was to be a submissive male and that I just wanted to serve at the feet of beautiful women.

When I left school I got a job in an office. Nothing strange about that, but it was my first access to proper Internet. I think you know what’s coming. I one day somehow typed in foot fetish and up popped all manner of sights I could not believe my eyes. I was in dreamland until after a week or so I got called to the bosses room. She sat me down and explained that HR wanted to chat about some websites I had been accessing. I froze stiff. I was so nervous as I made my way to the third floor. Trembling I entered the room and here was a red headed lady sitting cross legged in a red dress and heels. She sat me down and started handing over screen shots from all the websites I had been looking at. I could feel my cheeks burning as she asked me about them. I came clean and confessed. Thank fully she was understanding and said at 17 she realised the Internet was new to me and I am at an age where exploring is what humans do. It was a slap on the wrist but also all the warning I needed never to do it again. I had thought of she said I was going to be suspended or sacked. Perhaps I would have dropped to my knees and begged her, and even offered to worship her feet to make up for what I had done! Who knows what would have happened then?

So now I’m still in the same office. I have grown to realise that an office is a wonderful place for people with a foot fetish. Many of my female colleagues have a collection of shoes under their desks that they leave for work purposes and travel into work with trainers on. Two girls I work with arrive every morning and the first thing they do is ask how I am, they then slip their trainers and socks off and slide into their heels – it’s pure heaven every morning so who knew and office could be such a hot spot for feet.

Now the Internet is more readily available my fetish has gone from feet to all manners of other things. I regularly watch chastity clips, Femdom videos and read Femdom literature as well. I have recently purchased a chastity cage of my own. It’s pink and cute and looks great when I match it with stockings and heels as well as some sexy lingerie. Yes I now have a thing for cross dressing. I wear my chastity cage during the day but ultimately I need a key holder as it’s far too easy to slip it off as and when I feel the need. I have searched long and hard for a woman that likes the thought of foot rubs, foot worship and having a slave but I’ve yet to find the right person. I started buying well worn items from eBay, ladies sell their sweaty socks, tights and shoes on there to guys like me who like the humiliation of sniffing and sucking on someone’s sweaty socks. I have started email communication with some of them but ultimately it’s not led to a single meet up. I am now 30 something and still unable to find he right person that wants to take ownership of me and have me serve them in anyway they so wish.

I am sure one day I will get the pleasure of kneeling at a beautiful woman’s feet and pampering them like the slave I was born to be.

If you’d like to contribute a confession to this page, please get in touch! It can be an essay, short paragraph or a sentence or two!

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