KOTW: Anal Sex

Anal sex is my favourite. There is a reason that, in the moment when Summer admits to being called Anal Girl in 500 Days of Summer, anyone that knows give me ‘the look’. Although I enjoy vaginal penetration, it isn’t solely enough to give me the twisted feeling in my stomach when I engage in anything associated with kink. I get that feeling with anal sex. It is not something I do with every partner, and that in itself makes it feel different. I enjoy the teasing of fingers or tongue before penetration, or in addition to anything else we might be doing. I recently bought a glass butt plug and it’s my absolute favourite sex toy- it’s hard, cold and makes me feel full (even fuller when I’m being fucked at the same time). I love it when my partner gets it out of the drawer and places it by my hands when he has me face down on the bed, hinting at what’s to come.

But mostly, I think my real excitement for anal sex comes from their reaction- and in my experience I can only comment on the reaction of male partners. I love the sound they make when they first penetrate me, like they’ve almost forgotten it feels different to, and tighter than, fucking my cunt. For some it has been even more exciting as it was the first time they had experienced anal sex. I love the noise they make when I use my own fingers or toys on them, whether I’m fingering them as I suck their cock, they are fucking me with a plug nestled in their arse, or I’m fucking them with a strapon. Just over two years ago, it was my first of a handful of enjoyable pegging experiences, and this is something I also wish to engage in further this year. I’ve enjoyed watching partners explore this part of their body, as many hadn’t before.

I had one of the most enjoyable anal fucks earlier this week, so I was thrilled when anal sex was the new Kink of the Week topic. It was quick, rough, quiet and hard, all at the same time. I was staying at my parents, and my partner came to visit. I never fuck at my parents, simply because I haven’t felt the need. Partners have only stayed for a night or two, and I usually want them desperate for me by the time we arrive home and we can fully indulge. This time was different. I hadn’t seen my partner for over a week, and before then only occasionally through December. He’d pushed me onto the bed when we’d decided to try and get some sleep, and told me he was going to fuck me. I’m feeling rather bratty at the moment, and my response (which would usually be no response at all when I’m being a good submissive) was simply to continue his sentence, whilst not taking his eyes of his. The exchange went like this.

I’ve been desperate for you to please me for days now. I’m going to fuck you….

…In my arse!

My smirk appeared as his eyes widened. He delighted in my excited smile, and knew I was pleased with myself, both for seamlessly ending the sentence he thought he had already finished, and by being so spot on in knowing what he wanted. He is great at being dominant on occasions, but he’s not a Dominant, and couldn’t hide his own excitement at an unexpected occasion to fuck my arse. Especially when I shifted from under him and raised my wriggly hips into the air.

It’s not long before I’m flat on my stomach, hands gripping the bedframe, pressed down by his weight. He’s hardly moving, just grinding his hips as he’s deep inside me and I begin to groan. I can’t help it, it feels so excruciatingly pleasurable. But I need to help it. There are people around. He decides to help it, by placing his hand over my mouth and whispering in my ear how I need to keep quiet for him (another kink of mine). But he doesn’t make it easy- of course he doesn’t. He takes my other hand and guides it to rest between my legs and further whispers instructions that I must touch myself until I orgasm. He wants to feel me tighten around him, I’m aching for him to orgasm and fill me with come. And after spreading the wetness from my soaking cunt to my clit, circling slowly as I slightly raise my hips, whilst he gradually brings himself to the orgasm he’s been waiting over a week for, that’s exactly what we do.


  1. KP

    Lovely – men can get so hung up around their own arses while fetishising the penetration of their partners’ behinds, it’s great you can incorporate it into your play. Spreading the word, one arse at a time.

    Also: fucking when you shouldn’t. NEVER not hot….

  2. Clem

    MMMM, I love a woman that loves anal sex. I’ve taught it to a lot and they’ve just loved it. My last lover said it while looking in my eyes, ‘I want you to fuck me in the ass.’. She loved the feeling and would cum hard, as I would.
    It’s been a number of years now and I’d sure like to meet a woman like you….

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