I’ve finally cracked the solo Doxy wank! After hearing everyone rave about theirs, I started to fail a little like a failure. However, it has worked this week- eight times in two days to be precise. On the eighth day of Doxy my brain took me on a new adventure…

I can’t see.

I don’t want to see.

I want to feel the cold of the table against the bare skin of my back, and the ache of my nipples after they’ve been tweaked, pulled at and bitten. I want the sensation of the cool air around my naked and exposed cunt.

I want to listen to the unclipping of belts, groans at the back of their throats and the rustle as they free their cocks from their clothing.

I want to hear them wank.

How many are wanking over me? Over what they have just witnessed as I’ve been touched, grabbed, spanked and proved. How many are getting off on watching the others around them? How many are experiencing a curious mix of envy and desire, perhaps laced with shame, as they huddle around me and glance at each other?

I am handed a wand. It is cold and hard, and I want nothing more but to feel it against my throbbing clit. But I am uneasy. It is in my hands; it is never in my hands and I’m nervous to presume I am in control. But I’m given no further instruction so I turn it on, and hold it against me. Soon I am grinding against the head, but that is quickly stopped.

Hands push me back down, and the downwards pressure indicates I’m not to move. I can hear nothing but the vibrations, the wanking and the squeaks I’m trying so desperately to contain.

Keep still. Don’t come.

I realise I was naive to assume I had control over myself, when instead I need to control myself. I am still, save for the trembles in my thighs, and resisting every urge to buck my hips upwards. Fuck, this isn’t going to be easy.

Then it really begins. The first load lands just underneath my right nipple and slowly runs down my side, and begins to pool underneath my back. The second hits my cheek, and instinctively my tongue reaches out to taste it, prompting giggles from the room.

Keep still. Don’t come.

I have no idea how many people surround me, and realise I could be here for a while yet…

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