This is an old post, from an older blog. Yet I rediscovered it this week, and this weekend will be the anniversary of its occurrence. 

I love the feeling of being full. I wear anal plugs when I masturbate so I can feel myself twitch against it. When I’m being fucked, I ask them to hold their cock as deep as they can whilst I orgasm, so I can feel every spasm along their whole length. This is also one of the reasons for my deep desire for both my holes to be filled at once.

One of my favourite toys is my glass dildo. I had been fascinated with glass for a long time, mostly due to the rigid, solid, harsh material and how that would feel as I tighten around it. So naturally, this was the first item I packed for a recent weekend away, where I hoped we would do a little experimentation. I had yet to use this with a partner, but after being asked if I would like it inside me as I’m being fucked, after mentioning I owned such a thing, using it with someone became all I could think about.

It started as it usually does: spooning, after a long country walk. I had wet hair, and was experiencing that pleasant warm post-bath damp, as I started to wriggle my hips back into him. Ever so slight movements which turned into a slow consistent rhythm, until I heard (or more accurately felt) the groan in the back of his throat. His hands graced the glowing skin of my outer thigh, onto my hips, using them to grab and move me onto him even more. He traced his tongue up my neck, over the delicate patch he was becoming so familiar with- you know the one, between the bottom of your ear lobe, running just behind your jaw- until I was squirming.

“I think it’s time you were fucked with your glass toy inside you.”

I presented it to him, with wide eyes, like a young kitten bringing their owner a gift. I was awaiting praise perhaps, affection, something. He placed his thumb on my lower lip, gently pushing his way into my eager mouth, lowering my jaw. I instinctively sucked at his thumb, wrapping my tongue around it, until he pressed down, with slightly more force, and looked me directly in the eyes.

And I did, of course. My toy was inside my mouth, as a tried to wrap my tongue around its cold, hard ridges. He smirked as he pushed it deeper, to the back of my throat, over and over again.

“I want this nice and wet for me.”

I give in. I gag, and splutter, and watch the smile widen as he slowly pulls it from my mouth leaving a trail of saliva to fall all down me. 

“Good little kitten…” (the kitten name is back. And I’m enjoying it more and more each time) as I feel him stroke my hair, kiss my forehead before slowly easing the glass toy inside me. 

I’m lay on the bed, with my right thigh being gripped and held by him, as his other hand slowly edges the toy inside me. He counts, as each ridge disappears inside me, and his hand briefly stops gripping me to slap my inner thighs between each rising number. He brings my hand to my clit, and watches me play with myself as he holds the toy deadly still. By the time I have taken the toy to its full length I’m to be rewarded and allowed to orgasm, and orgasm I do. I feel myself spasm against the glass.

“Lie on your side. Keep it inside you.”

And we are back to the familiar position it all began. Except my heart is beating twice as fast, and his hand is no longer gripping my hip, but instead his fingers are sinking into the back of my neck. He is slowly moving the toy deep inside me, before pulling it out until I wriggle and squirm, and ask very nicely for him to (please) let me feel it deep inside my pussy again.

I feel him press himself into my arse, just very slightly, before pulling away. He does it over and over, until I realise he wants me to beg. He wants to see just how much I want both his cock and my glass dildo inside me. He wants to see my desire manifest itself into my whimpers, my movements and the shake in my voice.

“I want you inside me.” I say, shakily. “I really want you inside me.”

He laughs. That dark laugh which I feel immediately in my cunt. 

“Do you?” I feel him press himself against me again, and move as before. 

“Yes, yes please!” and I move back to him, pushing the dildo further into my soaking pussy.

His spare hand grabs my arse, and holds me still as he moves away. 

“Keep still.”

I wriggle, completely involuntarily. His hand collides with my right arse cheek.

“Keep still.”

I feel him grip my stinging arse cheek. He pulls it to expose me, and looks. And keeps on looking. He is inspecting. He knows I love being inspected. I feel the red rise to my face, to match the sting on my arse. He slowly and deliberately slicks lube between my legs and up across my arse, and he’s messy about it. He doesn’t want me to feel tidy by the end of this. 

“I’m sorry, what was it you wanted…?” I could hear the smirk in his voice without even seeing his face.

“I really would like you to fuck me whilst my glass dildo is in my pussy.”

And that’s exactly what he did. Slowly and deeply, as he moved the toy to grind through me, against his cock. I could hear an extra edge to the moan, possibly due to my tightening against him in pure delight, or the extra pressure against his cock, or the feeling of my spasming against him as I came again. There was a definite edge as both of his hands grabbed my arse, his fingers gripped my flesh, and he sunk his teeth into my shoulder to mask his cries of ecstasy. 

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