Stars, in your multitudes.

It may seem odd to some of you that somebody so keen to share images of their body is filled with self doubt. To some of you, this will be clear. 

This week I embarked on a personal campaign to love my body. All of my body. I have previously discussed my relationship with my vulva, and how one comment can send you in destructive spirals.

In this case, it was two comments. 

Firstly (when wearing a strapless dress at age 14)

I’d never wear something without a back with moles like yours

Secondly (mid fuck, from behind, when looking at my hips)

They’re hilarious. If I look from this angle they are so big, like it’s one of those funny mirrors.

I rarely share photos from behind. I don’t really like people looking at me from behind- which is unfortunate as I love being fucked, spanked, fingered from behind. I have only recently gotten over the fact my hips look a bit odd. And many will say ‘don’t be silly, they’re fine’. Yes, they are fine, but they are a bit funny shaped and that’s okay. It gives me an awesome signature wavy side profile. 

Lastnight, my partner lay me on my front (panic mode sets in) and kissed each mole on my back. This took a while- there are a few. He began to look for constellations amongst the patterns, and told me he was excited by the very fact he would never see this pattern on anyone else. It is unique, and mine.

And I’m slowly warming to it all.

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