About The Blog

Since I entered the world of sex blogging in 2015, most of my writing has been confessional in nature. This is mostly because I feel I can at least comment on my own experiences with some degree of credibility!

I then decided to take this a little further, and begin a confessional blog.

The best thing about my confessions is that, unlike the traditional confession, they are guilt free and shame free (unless that’s what you’re going for…). They are a celebration of the incredible fun we can havewith our bodies and minds, with ourselves and others. So I see it less as an admission of a guilty secret, but a celebration of enjoyment!

I will also be sharing sex and body positive images, taken my myself, usually of myself unless stated otherwise.

I hope this blog will encourage and enable an awareness of how powerful being open in communicating about sex, relationships and kink can be. And in turn I hope I can discourage kink-shaming- your kink may not be my kink but that does not make it more or less ‘okay’. There is a huge sex positive community of open, welcoming and diverse creatives out there, who are doing fantastic things to highlight the power of sex positivity, and I hope I can do that same.